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Nervous Patients

We understand that visiting the dentist can make people nervous. In some serious cases of dental phobia, people are unable to face coming to the dentist and so they don’t get the dental care they need. There are many methods of helping to ease dental anxiety but the most reliable method is to talk about your worries.

If you have a dental phobia, let us know and we can talk about your worries. If you have a needle phobia, we can use a topical numbing gel as a local anaesthetic to reduce discomfort.

If you are considering surgical treatment but are worried, we can offer IV sedation.


This type of sedation, delivered intravenously, eliminates your fears but you still remain conscious and able to communicate with the dentist. You will also remember little about the experience following treatment.

Treatment steps

  • The dentist will carefully assess your general health including checking your blood pressure, weight and oxygen levels.
  • The calming drug is delivered gradually through a soft plastic tube which is inserted in the back of your hand or arm with a fine needle and safely secured. You will be closely monitored at all times and sedation is only carried out by highly qualified staff.
  • If necessary, you will also have a local anaesthetic but this will usually be administered once you are completely relaxed.

All-female practiceThe Dental Team

We operate an all-female dental practice in Colchester town centre and our dental surgeons provide quality clinical and customer care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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Don’t be nervousNervous patients are always welcome

Our dentists and staff always do their best to make sure that your visits are comfortable for you. We also offer a sympathetic service that can calm any fears you may have.

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