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General Dentistry

Modern dentistry focuses firmly on prevention to avoid the need for more extensive and costly treatment. We want to see you regularly so we can keep a close eye on your oral health and spot any problems before they get worse. During a routine check-up, we will look for signs of infection, tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. We will also teach you how to look after your teeth effectively at home.

As well as investing in relevant training, equipment and technology, we are keen to get to know you as an individual so we can provide tailored oral healthcare. We also want to make you feel as relaxed as possible when you attend appointments and we will always listen to any of your concerns.

NHS Dentistry

Some treatments can come under the NHS which means that can be offered at a cheaper rate. Children under 18 also get NHS treatment free.

Preventative Care Large

Preventative Care

Seeing a dentist regularly at our practice can prevent issues such as gum disease and tooth decay from causing damage.

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Oral Hygienist Large


Hygiene appointments can prevent gum disease from impacting your oral health. They involve a thorough clean of the teeth as well as checking the gums for signs of disease.

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Root Canal Large


An infected tooth can become painful and, if left untreated, may have to be removed. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp and saves the natural tooth.

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Children Large


Starting early of good oral hygiene can help your children keep their natural teeth for longer throughout their lifetime.

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Don’t be nervousNervous patients are always welcome

Our dentists and staff always do their best to make sure that your visits are comfortable for you. We also offer a sympathetic service that can calm any fears you may have.

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